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Enjoy Broad Range of Games on Android Phones with Prime, Quick & Optimized GBA Emulator.

APP Details & Download

App Version2.0.6
Package NAMEcom.fastemulator.gba
PriceFREE $4.99
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Most Recent UpdateNov 12, 2023
Mod Info Paid

Quick Highlights of My Boy APK

  • My Boy GBA Emulator is one of the finest gaming platforms aimed at people who want to play games on their android devices.
  • This app is compatible with all types of games, old or new ones
  • This fast emulation tool enables the user to play games for hours as it is developed with battery-saving optimization
  • It can be used between devices via wireless connections like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • The tool offers excellent support for external controllers for instance MOGA controllers
  • It also has various cheat codes from Game Shark or Codebreaker or Action Replay
  • It also features video filters that can be used with shaders GL SL for a more exciting and entertaining gaming experience 
  • It enables players to switch or create various key-mapping formations on the screen 
  • This application does not need a BIOS file or Root to run effectively and smoothly 
  • This emulator got a good compilation of various emulations such as gyroscope, solar, and tilt sensors as well as other hardware sensors of android. 
  • The cloud backup data support of this emulator enables users to save games on the device and continue on the same or another device sometime later.


My boy pro apk is one of the fastest GBA emulators available with some notably unique features to offer great efficiency and an amazing gaming experience while playing games on an android device. My Boy Pro APK is the kind of GBA emulator that lets you play GameBoy Advance games on any type of android phone/device without lagging. 

You will get two versions of My boy GBA emulator apk which is completely free whereas the other paid version costs you about $5 with unlimited features and facilities into it. 

This GBA emulator is indeed the best gaming platform that supports most of the famous games from a variety of categories like arena games, action games, shooting games, adventure games, etc. 

The best android application ‘My Boy APK’ has several benefits in which fast emulation, significant battery efficiency, external controller support, and maximum ROMs compatibility are apex.


Improved Battery Efficiency

The battery is the core issue when it comes to playing games on smartphones, luckily this tool comes with updated battery backup for android devices. Its upgraded hardware interactions & simplest library inclusions required less processing and thus consume a lesser battery of the device.

Not only the application saves quite a lot of processing time while FPS gaming output but it significantly increases battery life throughout gaming sessions by up to 60%. Its highest battery efficiency is the pro feature that surely makes this app/emulator a big hit.

Quick Emulation & Efficient

It is pretty normal for a big game to be hung on android phones but My Boy! GBA emulator apk provides a very fast emulation and efficient gameplay experience. This tool ensures there is no lagging during gameplay even with super power-demanding games that are processed smoothly.

If anyone wants to get an android emulator that offers the highest seamless gameplay then the My Boy apk app is one of the best GBA emulators out there. 

My boy pro apk emulator is specially designed to be the simplest and most reliable to provide a better experience of full emulation at the lowest investment. Above all users can play varieties of games for quite a long time as the application is free from viruses, bugs, or crashes. 

Old Games Compatibility

My Boy GBA Emulator not only supports new and famous games but is also well-suited for games from about two decades. This emulator is not just reliable, and easy to use with multiple controls but it helps gamers with different features/functions to enjoy the easiest and most exciting gameplay every time.

Even various latest emulators do not support many games but my boy GBA emulator allows users to play old and new games with similar graphics, precision, and quality. Unlike other emulators, it is one of the top fast emulators offering various kinds of emulations for android smartphones/devices.

BIOS, Root & Control

This tool with a high level of BIOS emulation does not require a BIOS file & root. the app runs smoothly with all the functions and features without any requirement for BIOS. It also offers UPS or IPS ROM patching while users can easily do ROM patching from any compatible game.

Limitless Cheat Codes & Majority of ROM Support

My boy apk emulator comes with vast support of ROM as well as feature vast cheat codes for users to experience their most fun gaming sessions in life. Unlimited cheating codes are compatible and available by this gameplay emulator, which helps users to perform their best in games. 

These cheat codes can be easily added to any game, all thanks to this GBA emulator. Users can explore undiscovered parts with ease in the game by using cheat codes. 

Some master cheats like always big cheat, maximum heart cheat, start on 3 or 2 cheats, infinite lives cheat and many other cheat codes provide an edge in gameplay.

Multiple Emulations (Gyroscope, tilt & solar enabling)

It is the kind of emulator that gives you a console-like experience on an android device as well as offer various emulations for a great gaming experience. The GBA emulator proposes gyroscopic and haptic tilting together with mesmeric virtual simulation for advanced gameplay. Hardware integration is another noteworthy factor of this emulator which enables gamers to play all types of games with real gaming experience.

PRO Features of MY Boy APP

Free Lite VersionPRO Version 
Connect on the same / across devices via Bluetooth / Wi-FiLink devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 
Compatible with external controllers Fast emulation saves battery
2x fast forward Fast forward to 16x
Video filters, support GLSL shadersGyroscope, tilt, solar sensor & rumble
Better on-screen controlsGoogle drive synchronization 
Screen keyboard supported Create a screen layout profile 
Easy-to-use interface Multiple code lines available in a single cheat

Shortcut keys


The latest features of this fast GBA emulator app will compel you to download this app on your android device right away. You can easily download both paid or free versions of the app, in the same way, explained below, with the paid app first you have to pay charges to get the download option to appear on the screen.

By following these steps, you can download the application on your phone or android device, let’s get it on:

  • Initially, you need to click on the button mentioned above ‘download’
  • Upon clicking the button, you will be directed to a new page where you will find a download option, simply press the button to start downloading straight away. (No Timer or Other page click after that)
  • Once the downloading is done, click on settings on the android phone/device and allow unknown sources, in this way you will be all set to install APK file.

How to Install GBA emulator APK?

For installation you will need to open the downloaded file and when the installation option popup simply you need to click install. It takes a while when my boy pro apk will be completely installed on your smartphone.

After installation, you can start using the GBA emulator by downloading any of your favorite games and get the best experience of gaming ever on your phone.

how to install my boy apk Gba emulator on android


What kind of permission does the app My Boy apk need to run?

The application asks permission to access account settings, vibration, external storage, Bluetooth connection, internet access, etc.

How I should download games on this GBA emulator?

Follow these steps to download games on my boy apk 

  • First, go to your preferred browser and open the website, upon entering the site on the left you will have multiple options to choose from
  • You can download any game you like or want
  • Now simply open the My Boy app and go to the download section, find the game you just downloaded from the website 
  • Enjoy your best gameplay with my boy pro apk
Is My Boy apk safe and secure?

Yes, It is the safest emulator available to use on android smartphones/devices. My boy apk app is not harmful to mobile phones in any way, there are millions of users using this tool and there is not yet a single complaint registered regarding security breaches or viruses.